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We believe that work should be as fun, educating and rewarding as possible. After all, we spend half of our time awake at work... All of us take part in KonceptForm’s projects in varying degrees so every day is a new challenge and quite unlike the previous. By being part of a team doing things that are at times cutting edge, each member learns new things along the way and broadens his or her horizon in the process. We actually do our best to ensure that our consultants are happy, experienced and well-educated, something which sets its mark in the interaction between client and consultant.


Kristian von Wowern

Managing Director

+372 50 80 600

In 1998 Kristian founded KonceptForm in his native Denmark and later moved the company, along with himself, to Estonia. He has been working with input/output data management since 1994. His expertice lies mainly in systems architecture and the Transform platform, alongside running KonceptForm as efficiently as possible.

Contact Kristian for enquiries about KonceptForm, financial and sales issues as well as general info about what we do.

Lars Fiedler

Development Manager

+372 53 30 33 33

Working at KoncepForm since 2008, Lars is responsible manager for all development deliveries to our customers.

With strong and long term background in system analysis, database development, scientific programming and project management, he works together with our team of developers and always strives to ensure the outstanding fast time of turnaround KonceptForm is known for among our clients.

Contact Lars for enquiries about ongoing or future project plans.

Ingrid Kalde

Office Administrator

+372 5346 0856

Ingrid is KonceptForm’s office administrator and handles everything needed to keep our offices and company running smoothly. With a background in marketing and business management Ingrid handles the day-to-day financial and administrative tasks at KonceptForm.

Contact Ingrid for enquiries about invoicing, payments, order status, contracts and maintenance renewal.

Join Our Team

We love what we do and we would like to share that with you.

We are always on the lookout for programmers with knowledge of mobile apps, advanced web programming, C# and databases for our backends. If you think that you have what it takes to become one of our team of experienced developers then please email your CV to info@konceptform.com.

We also offer students the opportunity to do their internship at KonceptForm. At any given time we usually have at least one intern at our office in Kuressaare, Estonia.

Want to partner with us?

Our goal at KonceptForm is to develop the full solution for our clients, meaning we not only develop the core system but also all the surrounding systems needed to support the full solution. If you are a company specialized in a type of software or development which we do not cover then we are interested in hearing from you.

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