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Who we are

KonceptForm is a software and consultancy house which develop solutions for corporate clients and partners worldwide. We specialize in data and document handling and distribution for both government e-state and the private sector.

We develop and distribute custom made solutions in C#, VB, HTML5/ASP.NET and more. We are highly skilled in working with the Microsoft Azure platform as well as SQL Server database architecture, development and management.

We also develop solutions based on the middleware product Transform from Bottomline Technologies which automates all inbound, internal and outbound transactional documents across processes such as accounting, manufacturing/production, distribution/logistics, service and corporate operations.

With projects successfully completed for over 100 different clients around the world, the team at KonceptForm has gathered a very high level of experience and skills.

Skilled team

KonceptForm's team is made up of a tightly-knit set of consultants from different backgrounds, cultures and countries. This, along with our widely diverse experience in IT and programming, makes us able to view and deal with an assignment or problem from many different angles.

High quality code

All software code released from our house has been exhaustively analyzed, inspected and tested to ensure the highest quality possible. We work closely together with our clients and partners to enable them to perform in-depth quality and usability tests so that when a given segment of a project is finally signed off, clients and partners can rest assured that all possible scenarios have been investigated and tested, both at KonceptForm and client-side.

Agile approach

We employ an Agile approach to the management of our software projects. This allows us to integrate complex components into one system, to employ the newest technologies for achievement of results and to release new software to our clients and partners faster and in a more controlled manner than with the Waterfall model or other approaches.

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